LADAKH is rich in its culture and its heritage. Here we have variety and colorful festival that gives you the complete pleasure of tradition and culture which the people still preserve and follows.
During the festive season in monasteries, the mask dance which is known as Chams is really popular and enjoyable. You get to witness the varieties of festivals from monasteries to different villages, so once you enter in any valleys you will get to see the complete different culture and way of celebrations. So just make your mind and plan to get the different holiday with us.


Ladakh festival is the festival celebrated here in Ladakh every year from 1st September to 15th September by the people of Ladakh from almost all the region of Ladakh, gathering here in the capital city of Ladakh (Leh) for the special celebration.
Ladakh is well known for its well preserved tradition and cultures, so during this festival one can enjoy every moment by witnessing the rich tradition and culture of Ladakh.
This festival is the festival of Joy, Togetherness, and People’s Intigrity.


Sindhu darshan festival was first organized in the year 1997 and this Festival is celebrated on the full moon day (Guru Poornima). The celebration goes for 3 days in first week of June. The reason behind the celebration of Sindhu Darshan Festival is to endorse the Indus River (Sindhu River) as an icon of the communal harmony and national integrety. The festival is also a symbolic salutation to the courageous soldiers of the country, who endanger their life to save ours.
People from nation wide come to witness this festival and they bring water in pots/ bottle from their own state and emmerse these water in Sindh river and the water of all river mingle together and thereby it symbolizing the multi-dimentional cultural identity of the nation.

During the Sindhu festival we can witness colourful culture programs from many state of the country, the festival is getting popular year by year among the domestic travelers. For detail itinerary on Sindhu darshan do contact us.
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